Our philosophy 

COGA is the new way to practice yoga! Coga is NLP coaching and yoga fused to bring you a holistic life changing practice.

Breaking the rules of perfection and embracing the skin you’re in. If you’re craving a sense of community and are ready to embark on the journey of self-acceptance, COGA IS FOR YOU!

Coga isn’t just about making shapes - it’s the experience of the practice, the depth of your intention and the commitment to your self, body and wellness.

Showing up the mat isn’t always easy - that’s why we’re passionate about creating a safe, fun and playful space for you to explore each asana with ease.

Our studio is all about connecting with each other and self. With never more than 10 students per class we take the time to have a hands on learning approach to keep you safe and secure as you grow your practice.


Meet Candice, Founder & Instructor

Candice Jaclin is an NLP Master Practitioner (Level 2 Coaching Genius with The Coaching Room) who infuses her knowledge of breaking habits and birthing new beliefs in to her teaching. After a profound visit to the Krishna Village Retreat Centre (situated in the stunning hinterland of Byron Bay) where Candice immersed in yogic living and daily yoga practice, she knew she was changed forever. Candice completed her yoga teacher training in 2016 on Koh Phangan in Thailand (and has an ongoing love affair with the place) which certified her as a registered yoga teacher (RYT200). She's spent over 15 years in the health + fitness industry where she felt there was always a gap to connect between the body and the mind - hence her dedication to bring COGA For Every Curve and Every Body to the masses. 

Pursuer of the perfect headstand, lover of the simple things and addicted to inspiration, you'll find Candice holding workshops about body love, teaching her NLP-YOGA fusion classes in Sydney or downward-dogging on the beach.

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