Our manifesto - This is what’s up

We're about creating lasting changes and rejecting the idea of needing to be 'fixed'.

We're about creating a community that empower each other, during the wins and the tough times.

We're about offering guidance to shift you in to self-love, acceptance and authenticity.

We're about adopting and applying consistent healthy habits.

We're about facilitating the adventure to true self confidence, and

We're about transformation, liberation and embracing all parts of you - the light and the dark.



It all started when...

After 15 years in the health and fitness industry, trying every new diet the market brought out and testing every training regime that promised perfect abs, Candice knew something was missing. Her weight, confidence and happiness levels yoyo'd throughout these explorations and none ever gave her lasting change. She was chasing the ideals she thought she needed to be happy by pursuing wellness externally - believing that the perfect diet or body would bring true happiness.

Exhausted of the chase and inspired from her knowledge that something else was out there for her, Candice embarked on a journey of self discovery that sparked her interest in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). These tools helped her rewire the way she thought about herself - and she has since utilised these techniques to coach many others in to real transformation.


Something was still astray. A bridge between mind, body and soul was needed. Yoga invited Candice to open her heart and really embrace, accept and love the truth of who she was in all her wonderful imperfection. It was from this space that not only did her perception transform but so did her body. Losing 15 kilos and years of self loathing, her practice deepened as she stayed consistent and committed to this wonderful and challenging journey. 

......So emerged the COGA dream to combine NLP and yoga to create effective and long lasting transformation in others lives.