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Our new in-house coach and body-image expert

Jacinta teaches women to take ownership of who they are and what they look like, so they can live their best life and amplify who they are in this world.    

She began her career in marketing - working with some of the world’s largest consumer healthcare products, before jumping off the corporate ladder and pursuing her passions in health and fitness.

After starting her own business as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, she became particularly interested in how self-perception and body-image affect people’s daily realities. So from there she studied NLP and coaching to better understand how our perceptions shape our lives.

Her mission in life is to empower millions of women to love themselves and their bodies so they can unleash their full potential on the world!

To celebrate her joining the COGA family, Jacinta will be offering a complementary a one-hour coaching session for all existing and new members.

Book your complimentary session.