Class descriptions

Coga Revolution - Coga Revolution is an Ashtanga based physical practice infused with Neuro Linguistic Programming to rewire how we think, feel and perceive ourselves in this world. This strong practice builds strength, not just in the body but in our minds. Coga Revolution class allows you to lean into all the challenging spaces in our lives creating a complete mind body revolution. ALL LEVELS WELCOME

Creative Vinyasa - This beautiful flowing practice is all about flowing your way in your style. In this perfectly imperfect class we will flow through a diverse range of styles from hatha to Indigenous dance styles. In this class anything and everything is possible. ALL LEVELS WELCOME

Yin Meditation - The ancient practice of Yin allows us to just let go. Let go of the need to hold on, let go of the stress. We do this by holding poses for longer than usual and practicing breathing into the tension in our mind and body. Most of us are just walking around holding our breath. What would it feel like to just exhale. ALL LEVELS WELCOME

Mum and Bub/Toddler Yoga - This fun relaxed class is a space for you to come in and enjoy your yoga practice while connecting and enjoying play time with your bub. Release stress in your mind and body and enjoy getting fit with your little one.

Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure you are comfortable & ready for your practice. Wear light, breathable clothing.